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Spring House, PA MyFile-IT announces a mobile App & giveaway program to protect you from losing important documents due to Fire, Floods, Tornados, and other disasters. We are offering to anybody that’s in or been in a area where a severe weather warning has been or was issued in the last year, a one year subscription to MyFile-IT PE at no cost. Afterwards it only costs $3.99 per year for 200 documents. If you still have a hardship after one year, just send an email to MyFile-IT and they will grant you another year. MyFile-IT does not require proof of hardship. MyFile-IT will take the user’s word.  We want to help people no matter their ability to pay or not protect them self.

Today we see so much in the news of what happens to people’s personal property in a disaster. It is so tragic! In 2014, there is 32.2 million victims from natural disasters. Most the time you cannot stop it, but you can be prepared to protect yourself. The problem is that most of us do not. For example; in Hurricane “Sandy” & “Katrina”, thousands of people lost many of their important documents. In most cases, FEMA and other agencies can’t do that much for you, unless you have certain documents like; insurance forms, local, state and federal tax returns, mortgage information, and financial information. Since you lost the information, you will have to go and hope you can get copies of your paperwork.  This can take a lot of time. These agents and insurance companies might be able to give some emergency help but until you provide the information, they need to see if you qualify for assistance.  But we still do very little to protect ourselves. We think that it will never happen to me. Well it does!

I have been through two nationally declared (Clinton, G Bush) floods from a small creek outside of Philadelphia in which one of the storms, we received more than 8 inches of rain in two hours. We had more than 4 feet of water in my home and in my office building. With a wife and four kids, it was a nightmare getting help and providing all the right documents. This was one of the reasons we decided to create this App.

Kristina W, Philadelphia, says “It’s a great app. I use it all the time for my personal expenses. It also gives me a feeling that I am prepared for a disaster.”

Rachael M, Ambler, “This App is easy to use and keeps all my documents safe and easy to access.”

Here is list of some documents you should protect in case of disaster;

1)     Take pictures of each room where you are living.

2)     If you have personal property that is worth more than $1000, take separate picture.

3)     Local, State, Federal Taxes for last 7 years

4)     Insurance policy

5)     Mortgage information including a Deed

6)     Driver license, Car registration, car title, Passport, Certification, other licenses

7)     Equipment Warranties

8)     If you rent, get the Lease information.

9)     Your Will and other legal documents.

10)  Medical History Information, and medication




Sandy Butcher





To Get and Install the MyFile-IT P E;

1)     Go to your App Store (Apple, Google Play) and search for "myfileit" then pick P&E version and download and install it.

2)     Click on the link “Create your account”, then fill out the few fields and login.

3)     At the Main menu, slide your finger on the screen to the right.  Go to "Management Share Key" and

4)      enter your promo code. Pick on user name, and then associate the name and you’re done.



Your promo code is: Protectu


Click on the link to see the coupon which will tell you how to get MyFile-IT P E.


MyFile-IT ( is a unique and powerful App available in the Apple and Google stores. That makes it much more convenient for users to manage their and families’ important documents. These documents can be; travel and entertainment receipts, gas and maintenance receipts, company receipts, insurance information, emergency information, medical information, medication information, membership ID’s, birth certificates, passport information, driver license, tax returns, wills, mortgage information, and much more. Using MyFile-IT App, just SNAP (take a picture via your phone / tablet) of your documents. Then INDEX (choose file folder category) and SAVE the documents in the Microsoft’s Azure cloud to your MyFile-IT secure HIPAA compliant individual virtual file cabinet vault. It’s that easy to do!  After you save your document, you can SHARE your documents within MyFile-IT Network to your accountant, bookkeeper, or Outside Network via email to anybody.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

MyFile-IT releases awesome APP Called MyFile-IT P&E

December 30 2016 MyFile-IT released its mobile app MyFile-IT P&E (personal and expenses) version. It's simple but very powerful. You can SNAP, INDEX, SAVE personal & business expense receipts. You can also SHARE your document with people like your accountant, bookkeeper, financial planner, It available in both Google and Apple App stores. Be sure pick version with P&E in icon.